What is deelo

deelo is a community of users that share great savings as they go about their day. Discovered a great deal in your local store or cafe and need to share it? Post it to deelo so other can save.

Easy to Use

deelo is easy to use. Simply set your ideal location and savings preferences to browse what savings are available. You can also be notified of any new deals posted in your area.

New Features Coming Soon

Post savings on your favorite social platforms. Follow deelo users that post great deals. Further deal categories. Offline app mode. Non geographical locations. Local leader boards.

App Features

deelo offers a number of features to allow you to be informed of local savings in your area. From personalized saving preferences to simply checking the current deals in your favorite stores

Multiple Locations

Create multiple savings locations specific to you, such as Home, Work etc.

Favourite Stores

Taking a trip to a specific store? Add your favorite stores to see all their current deals.

Saving Peferences

Tailor your savings preferences to ensure you get notified of deals you care about.

Share great deals

Create and share savings and deals you have found with the deelo community.

Social Integration
Coming soon

Post and share great savings with your friends on your favorite social platforms.